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CCD-Linescan camera for direct computer control

Our CCD-linescan cameras are suitable for all kinds of optic measuring tasks, like object recognition and quality control tests, position and distance measurement, or for spectral and laser beam diagnostics. The linescan cameras work with CCD or PDA linear image sensors from different manufacturers. The sensors have different sizes from 7 µm to 50 µm wide and 7 µm to 2500 µm high. Most sensors for spectroscopy have very small but tall sizes (like 25x2500 µm). The length variies from 128 to 12000 pixel. A comprehensive manual and a labview example is added to the driver package, that own applications can be adopted easily.

Simple Interface

Into the camera a complete fiber cable interface with A/D-converter and transfer logic for a high speed serial data transmission (2.5 Gbit) to a computer is integrated. So a simple fiber cable connection to a computer with our PCIE Interface board can be established that runs almoust in real time. With that high data rate our fast cameras can be used, or if a slower camera is used, several cameras can transfer their data sequentially over one link which is chained from device to device. The complete PCs RAM can be used to store huge data amounts.

Complete System

A complete system consists of a stand alone camera or a sensor head with Camera Control device, an PCIE interface board and driver software for Win7, 8, 10 (only 64bit versions).

several spectrometers with camera
setup with different cameras and spectrometers at ELI Beamlines (Prague)